The rodent population of West Central Florida is thriving and it’s definitely here to stay. With the human population increasing and rodent’s natural habitat shrinking, the clash of the two becomes common. Rodents breed and have litters multiple times per year. During this time, they will hide from birds of prey and other predators, often times in the attic or garage of residential structures. Although their urine, feces, and body oils can contain diseases known to be harmful or fatal to humans, this is not the only threat. Rat’s front teeth are constantly growing. They can add up to 5” in length per year. For this reason, they will constantly chew and gnaw to keep their teeth chiseled down to the proper size. This explains why the number one cause of house fires can be traced back to rats. They will chew on security, cable, or electrical wires, plumbing, and AC ducts. This can be costly and dangerous.

The Pestguard Solution:

  1. Inspection– Our experts will determine the entry points rodents are using to gain entry to the structure
  2. Elimination– We use a combination of trapping and “one-way-doors” which allow the rodent to leave the structure but they can’t return. Every situation is unique, so our technicians will determine which combination of these techniques is best.
  3. Exclusion– Using various construction techniques, we will seal the existing points of entry as well as potential openings.
  4. Remediation– The areas where Rodents congregate will have varying levels of contamination. We will offer solutions based on severity that may include application of a sanitizing agent, covering the contaminated insulation, or removal and replacement of soiled insulation
  5. Follow up-Our plan is guaranteed for one year and renewable for the life of the structure. We will inspect each year and address new breaches at our expense.

At Pestguard, we work closely with homeowner’s to keep Rodents outside where they belong.