It is estimated that termites annually cause more damage to Florida homes than all fires and tornadoes combined. It is very likely that there is a termite colony within a short distance of your home!

PESTGUARD uses the most advanced technologies available to eliminate the termite threat to your home or business. Our experts will perform a no obligation inspection of your home and recommend the best approach to defend against your threat.

Liquid Barrier

PESTGUARD will install a liquid barrier around the foundation of your home using Termidor. Unlike all other liquid termite products, Termidor does not repel termites or kill on contact. Instead, termites unknowingly pass through the barrier and spread it around the entire colony causing total elimination.

Baiting System

There are many baiting systems on the market, including several that are available at your local hardware store. Unfortunately, most of these systems are actually “monitoring systems” designed to let you know when termites are present. They contain cellulose material like wood chips or cardboard, but NOTHING TO ELIMINATE TERMITES! PESTGUARD uses the Trelona Bait System from B.A.S.F., the same manufacturer as Termidor. This system eliminates termites, rather than just monitoring, and is active year round.