Eliminate Drywood Termites, Bed Bugs, and Wood-Destroying Beetles with Pestguard Professional Fumigation

It’s often quite difficult to eliminate insects that are living in the structure of a building, especially if that building happens to be a downtown skyscraper. Fumigation has a 100 percent guarantee of eliminating pests such as wood-destroying beetles, drywood termites, and even bed bugs. At Pestguard, we use Sulfuryl Fluoride gas fumigant to exterminate pests that are deep within a building’s structure, eliminating them for good.

You may not believe it, but microscopically, wood and cellulose are quite porous. Because wood is porous, much like a sponge, it allows sulfuryl fluoride to penetrate deep inside the building. It can even go through painted and sealed wood, letting nothing stop it from getting rid of the pests. The gas can get through any cellulose material as well, so we can cover just about any kind of building, no matter the foundation.

To contain the gas, Pestguard uses specially made tarps, which we create and manufacture ourselves. We factor in things like wind speed, humidity, size of the building, foundation material, target pests, and even the power of the fans we use to move the gas through the building before we even start fumigating. This way we have a game plan and a fairly accurate estimate of when our completion time will be. We’ve used this method for over 40 years in more than two million homes, and it’s proven to be one of the most successful methods of fumigation to date.

In order for Pestguard to fumigate your property, the building must be completely evacuated before we can begin. We follow the standard three-day method. The first day, the building is wrapped in our custom tarps and gas is pumped into the building, the second day, the building is aerated, and the third day, after inspection, the building is cleared for re-entry. In some situations, Pestguard was able to successfully fumigate in less than 24 hours.

Helping All Kinds of Businesses and Homes

We have worked on structures both big and tall. We’ve done work for major corporations like the Westin Innisbrook Resort, historic buildings like the Townes Leigh Hall at the Gainesville campus, and countless other multi-level apartments and condominiums from Tarpon Springs to Naples. Every project we’ve ever worked on has been completed on time and is still termite free to this day. We also offer vault fumigation for furniture and other items.

Pestguard Fumigation Tarps

10 years ago, Pestguard decided to start making our own tarps. These custom tarps lock in the fumigation gas to help maximize its effectiveness as well as keep the surrounding population safe. Our tarps are made by fumigators, for fumigators. Sporting a variety of colors, we have the tarp to fit your company’s needs. We also make our own accessories, such as corner pads, water and sand snakes, three-way shoot nozzles, warning agent measuring cups, and more.

Custom made tarps

are available in a variety of colors to suit your company’s needs. Accessories available include Corner Pads, water snakes, sand snakes, 3 way shoot nozzles, monitoring or shooting hoses, and warning agent measuring cups

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